Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sally Hansen - All Aglow and Ruby Ring

Found these 2 gems at my local Rite Aid. Part of Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength No Chip nail color line. They are limited edition! There were 8 total colors to pick from and I had a hard time picking just 2! But at $4.99 a pop I had to control myself. HAHA. These polishes have a foil type finish. It was very hard to photo these because of all of the different colors that they change when moving your fingers in the sunlight. But I tried.  :)  First off I will show you All Aglow. A beautiful shade of purple that shimmers a red-violet in the sun.

I did not have to use a base color under this polish. This was 3 coats of All Aglow.

So shiny!! I didn't even have a top coat on this!  Next up is Ruby Ring, which was actually more hot pink and orange toned than red. I think I had an even harder time getting pics of this one. My fingers looked like they were glowing!  More bottle shots:

And once again, this was 3 coats for opaqueness. No top coat. Just really shiny.

When I picked these up, my eyes went directly to this one just because i'm a huge fan of pink but I honestly think that I like the purple a little bit better.  Now if Rite Aid would just have a Sally Hansen sale I could go and try to scarf up the rest! :)

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