Friday, November 2, 2012

Perception Nail Lacquer Fiesta! (pic heavy)

Today I have a trio of polishes to show you from Perception Nail Lacquer. She has fabulous holographic polishes!!! Here is a link to her ETSY STORE but i'm not certain when it might be restocked. First off I have one to show you called Unicorn Farts. This is a really pretty pinkish lilac colored holo polish. Stunning in the sunlight!!  Oh and also the back of the bottle has a sticker of a unicorn farting a rainbow which I found very amusing! :)

For these pics I used 3 thin coats of Unicorn Farts.

Man is this a gorgeous polish! I honestly could not stop looking at it in the sun!! It seemed to change colors every time I moved my fingers!  Ok...on to the next one. This is called Deep Blue Something and it's a gorgeous blue holo polish.

It's like blue and rainbows in a bottle!!!! I'm so glad it was a sunny day when I swatched these so you can see how truly beautiful they are. This is 3 coats of Deep Blue Something.

Really didn't want to take this one off. This one is my favorite of the three for sure. And last but not least, Fall Breeze. Not a holo polish but a brown polish with tiny multicolored glitter in it. Just the right amount of shimmer. I'm not even a fan of brown polish but I must admit that this is pretty.

The formula on this polish was a bit thicker so I only needed 2 coats for total coverage.

Pretty and shimmery!! All in all I would highly recommend these polishes. The application was very smooth on all 3 and the holos are stunning!!

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