Wish List

Polishes I would love to have:

Candeo Colors - Deep Space
Candeo Colors - Smores
Candeo Colors - Zef
Emily de Molly - Harmony
Emily de Molly - Black Forest 
Emily de Molly - Dark Crystal
Emily de Molly - The Fifth Element
Emily de Molly - Ego Friendly
Enchanted Polish - Across the Universe
Femme Fatale - A Frosty Shake
Femme Fatale - Winter Hyacinth
Girly Bits - Rogue
Glitter Gal - Green Suede Shoes
Hare Polish - Medusa Luminosa
Hare Polish - Monster
Lush Lacquer - Splitter Splatter
Lush Lacquer - Sugar Daddy
Naild'It - Light Show
Naild'It - Candy Wrappers 
Pahlish - Ace of Fours

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