Thursday, July 12, 2012

First post!!

So I have decided to start my own nail polish blog. Nothing fancy.....just wanna keep track of all of my polish combinations and ideas. I don't know how often I will update it but we shall see how it goes.....basically I am a nail polish addict. I paint my nails probably every other day unless it's something I love and then I wear it till it chips off. I have just recently got into buying indie(handmade) polish which I love so far. Lots of new stuff to try!  Here is my stash so far:

Ok, so for my first post I am gonna show Kleancolor Neon Purple base coat layered with Love & Beauty Purple Multi Glitter on top. The Love & Beauty brand is from Forever 21 which can be found here: Forever 21 Nail Polish. It is pretty cheap at $2.80 a bottle. They have quite a few fun glitters. I think I picked up about 6 of them. 

This is the polish inside:
And the polish outside:
It's got tons of sparkle and I love the combo of the small and large glitter chunks. On a side note I have noticed that the Kleancolor brand polish seems to take forever to dry. Putting a top coat of Seche Vite seems to work well though. Over all, i think a nice polish for $2.80!


  1. Have you done any stamping or dotting? I did water marble a couple times, but it's a pain. I guess there is a way to do it with a plastic bag, but I haven't tried that yet.

  2. I tried the water marbling a few times and was a pain. I haven't seen the plastic bag way. Sounds like I need to google it! And no to stamping or dotting but I really do have my eye on a stamping kit that I want to get.

  3. I have stamping supplies, dotting sticks and a matte top coat on my Amazon wish list. Just need the guts to order.

    The plastic bag trick seems to be a solution to many nail problems (like doing a design on your dominant hand). I guess you can just polish the bag and let it dry. Cut out or peel off the design and press it onto almost dry nails. Magic.

  4. that you say that I think I did see the plastic bag thing somewhere. Let me know if you try it!! I have a matte top coat but haven't really used it much. And order the stuff! I wanna see your creations! :)

  5. Ok, twist my arm. I ordered a stamping kit and the matte to coat. Read somewhere that you can use bobby pins for dotting tools. Too bad I am getting a Magic Manicure (gel) tomorrow for a wedding. So it will be a couple weeks before I try any of it. :(

  6. HAHAHAH!! Yay! Now you need to start a blog and start posting pics so I can see! I saw the bobby pin thing too on one of my pinterest posts. I may try that next!