Thursday, July 19, 2012

D&R Apothecary Toxic Waste and Kleancolor Bikini Green

Today's post is probably my favorite paint job of the week so far! I'm in love with this combo! Today I'm gonna show you Kleancolor Bikini Green topped with D&R Apothecary Toxic Waste. Toxic Waste can be purchased from this etsy store: D&R Apothecary. Sooooo....first off here are the two polishes:
The Kleancolor Bikini Green is a wonderfully bright vibrant shade of green. I love it just on it's own! The only downside that I have with the Kleancolor brand is that it seems to take forever to dry. To help with that I usually just throw a coat of Seche Vite fast dry top coat on and it speeds it up a lot. The plus is that Kleancolor polish is super cheap! I got this on ebay for less than $3.
And over by the window:

Then I went with 2 coats of Toxic Waste. This polish was very thick so 2 coats were plenty for good coverage. Here is a close up of the bottle:
It's a sheer green polish with lots of black bars and 2 different size dots. Here it is over the Bikini this!

By the window:
And a close up:

I'm in love! This one may have to stay on for a few days!!

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