Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jindie Nails - Yule Love This

Wow! It's been a while since I had some free time to blog a little! Work has been hectic and it's generally crazy around the holidays!! Trying to get all my shopping done!!! Anyhow.....I have another fun Christmas polish to show you today from Jen at Jindie Nails. She sent this to me as a gift in my last order since it was the only Christmas polish from her that I didn't own!! And i'm sooooo glad she did! Love love love this one!  It's called Yule Love This(which I do)hahah. Here is a bottle shot:

So festive and cute! This one is a white crelly polish with round red, green and gold glitters in it. There are also some tiny multicolored glitters thrown in there too. It applied really smoothly and evenly. This is 3 coats on it's own.

I wore this to my husband's family's x-mas party last weekend and all of the girls kept checking my nails out!! And I stopped in the liqour store and the cashier said it reminded her of christmas cookies! This one is also a limited edition polish only available until christmas!  Check out her Etsy store HERE and also her FB page HERE. Also....since Jen is a personal friend of mine I just want to say congrats on having her polishes sold on Llarowe's site!!! Woo hooo!!!!


  1. Loved your nails family Christmas! I need to start buying from Etsy ASAP.

  2. Thanks!!! And yes you do! There are some awesome polishes there!! Especially from Jindie Nails!